Student Council Holds Second Mr. WHS Competition Since 2013

Competing for two free prom tickets and a $100 Visa gift card, the seven contestants vied for the win at Walpole High School’s (WHS) annual Mr. WHS competition, on March 15. Participants included seniors Danny O’Leary, Riley Mulroy, Ryan Conlon, Joey Haskins, Ryan Barry, Aidan Chariton and Ethan Fontanez.

At the start of the night, participants entered the auditorium accompanied by the song of their choice and were introduced by host and Walpole High School science teacher, Daniel Mullaney.

Students were ranked by six faculty judges and one student judge—Walpole junior Ted Duffy—whose name was chosen from a raffle. The performance was split into their talent, entrance, an open-ended question and Rebel pride. Participants could have been awarded as high as a 10 or as low as a one for their presentation.

Some talent performances included the singing of “Ave Maria” by O’Leary, synchronized swimming by Mulroy, the singing of “Nations of the World” by Haskins and a disappearing act by Fontanez.

“I just wanted the chance to humiliate myself,” Barry said during his open-ended question.

After a short intermission to tally up the points, Mullaney announced the winner. With an impressive 209 points, Haskins claimed the title of Mr. WHS for 2018.

“My competition tried hard to get the prize and did come close. They definitely made me worried when they did their talent,” Haskins said. “When they announced my name, I didn’t hear it at first, and didn’t believe it. I was definitely shocked I had won the award.”

Not far behind, Barry placed in second and O’Leary in third.

“I thought the event went well,” senior class treasurer and event organizer, Kayla Connolly said. “The guys were all entertaining, and we had a good turnout.”

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