Greta Van Fleet embodies the return of classic rock and roll

Greta Van Fleet brings hard rock and blues rock together in young packaging with their new EP album, “From the Fires,” which they released this November. Although the band has only released one EP album, their success seems inevitable. The quartet’s angry yet melodic songs bring Led Zeppelin to mind, but a younger generation than Zeppelin’s composes the majority of Greta van Fleet’s fanbase.


Greta Van Fleet has been charged with saving rock and roll—and they have already proved themselves up to the task. Their debut single “Highway Tune,” released Mar. 31, rose to number 1 on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart. The “Highway Tune” music video has over six million views, and their popularity continues to increase. Danny Wagner, Sam Kiszka, Jake Kiszka and Josh Kiszka formed the band in Frankenmuth, Michigan in 2012. The three brothers play bass guitar, lead guitar and lead vocals, respectively. Wagner plays the drums. Together, the musicians produce a unique rock sound that listeners cannot ignore.


While some critics find the songs on “From the Fires” to be repetitive and simple, Josh’s memorable voice sets the EP apart from other recent rock releases. Josh’s voice has an uncanny resemblance to Robert Plant’s unforgettable vocals, which adds to the band’s unique appeal. Greta Van Fleet is bringing attention back to the rock and roll genre that laid dormant amongst teenage listeners as pop singers such as Katy Perry reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, and they are doing so with an abundance of talent and skill.


The members’ ages attribute to their young fanbase as Josh, the eldest, is 21 years old. “Highway Tune” was also featured on the Showtime series “Shameless,” which is immensely popular amongst the teenage audience. The chorus of “Highway Tune” has a powerful rythmn with soaring vocals that pair together to create a deep yet catchy feel to the song. Another song on the EP, “Black Smoke Rising”, has a fast tempo and guitar riffs that give the high-intensity song an 80’s energy. Greta Van Fleet is reopening the rock and roll platform for teenagers. The band is projected to release a full length album in 2018, and their fans wait impatiently for the next showcase of Greta Van Fleet’s musical prowess.

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