Gallery: Seniors Beat Juniors in the Annual Powder Puff Game, 12-0

Walpole High School Juniors and Seniors participated in the annual Powder Puff Game on Wed. Nov. 22 at Fore Kicks in Norfolk.

English teacher Michael Alan and Transition teacher James Connolly coached the seniors, while physical education teachers Benjamin Kampper and Quinn Geary coached the juniors.

The goal for the junior team was for every player to receive equal playing time, to learn a little bit about the great game of football and to have a lot of fun. All of these objectives were met, so I would say it was mostly a successful day for the Junior team,” Kampper said.

The seniors started with the ball and with 2:25 left in the first quarter, senior Jackie Caskie rushed down the field into the end zone and scored a touchdown for her team. With 56 seconds left in the first quarter, senior Celia Walsh also scored a touchdown, but it was deemed incomplete by the referees.

“Defense dominated the game. Offense did well; Coach Connolly had an 18-page playbook for the offense, which they executed to perfection,” Alan said.

In the third quarter, senior Sydnee Villa scored another touchdown, increasing their lead to 12-0. The juniors, however, were unable to execute their offensive plays.

“I️ love this tradition; it’s one of my favorites because you get to spend time with all the girls in the junior and senior classes while playing a sport you don’t always play,” Villa said.

After the game ended, the seniors remained victorious, winning the game 12-0. This game was organized by Junior Class President Emery Murphy and Senior Class President Dana DeMartino.

“Overall, I think Powder Puff was pretty successful. Despite the complications with the rain and having to move it indoors, I think that everyone still had fun,” Murphy said. “Everyone was impressed with participation, and I think next year will be just as fun, and hopefully we will get even more people to join.”



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