Varsity Boys Basketball Welcomes Coach Masto

In this upcoming winter season, Coach Michael Masto will take on Walpole High School’s boys varsity basketball team.

“We had a lot of qualified and quality individuals who we interviewed. All were very close as far as on and off the court intangibles. In the end, the committee had felt Coach Masto would be the best choice,” Athletic Director Ron Dowd said.

Growing up in East Haven, Connecticut, Masto loved the game of basketball his entire life. Before earning the new job as Walpole’s Varsity coach, Masto coached Franklin High School’s Freshman team for three years, as well as the Junior Varsity team for three years. His basketball career ended as a senior in high school; however, he played intramurals at Springfield College and in men’s leagues after he graduated.

“I expect the team to have an open mind and be willing to put in the work it takes to be successful,” Masto said. “Some things will be different, and different can be a challenge. As long as they are willing to give me the chance to be successful, I am confident we will be.”

Although Coach Masto is accustomed to coaching the Franklin Panthers, he is excited for the new opportunity to coach under the Rebel name.

“‘The town of Walpole is known for its athletic support,” Masto said. “In addition, this team has so much to offer. I have had the opportunity to meet some of last year’s players and have been so impressed with their work ethic and positive attitudes.”

Masto understands the satisfaction of winning, but expresses that this perception is not his intention for the success of this year’s team.

“We will always focus on the process it takes to improve. Each day will be taken one at a time and the results will take care of themselves. Success will be measured with how much we grow as a team.”

Anxious to kick off the winter season, Coach Masto’s expectations for the team are nothing less than ideal. He aspires to focus on building relationships with his athletes, as well as improving as a team, both mentally and physically.

“True success is measured by memories. When the story book is written about a given season what do the athletes and coaches remember? Do they look back with stress and say what could have been? Or with a smile and share a story of fun?”


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