Bring the Styles of Coachella to a School Near You

For two weekends a year, people from all over the country—some from different parts of the globe—gather in the dust of the Colorado Desert for the most anticipated music festival of the year. Not only does Coachella provide lineups of artists from your favorite indie singers to the A-lister behind this week’s #1 song, the festival is renowned for the exotic bohemian, hipster style sported by its attendees.

Coachella trends often foreshadow the summer styles that spread throughout the fashion industry nationwide.

Luckily, you do not need to own Rihanna’s $500 narrow lens Fendi sunglasses or stroll around in a barely-there crochet top to capture the essence of Coachella style. Here are some affordable and appropriate ways to incorporate 2017’s Coachella essentials into your everyday school style:

Platform Boots

By far the biggest trend in footwear this year is platform shoes. Swap out those signature Coachella heavy platform boots for a lighter, more practical pair of stylish platform sneakers. “Superga” platforms are currently all the rage.  

Scarves and Bandanas

As the wind picks up desert dust, Coachella guests have been pictured using bandanas to shield their faces from the sand—a look straight out of a midwestern cowboy movie. To mimic this look, tie your favorite bandana in your hair to complete a cute messy bun or wrap a handkerchief scarf around your wrist as a bracelet. These unique accessory choices are versatile, so see how they look in your belt loop or hanging from your bag.

Fish Nets

While fishnet tights paired with a leather mini skirt or a pair of high waisted shorts may meet Coachella’s dress code, this look can be modified for a more modest appearance. Try wearing your favorite patterned tights underneath your jeans instead. By creating layers, the delicate fishnet design will peek through at your ankles and at the rips in your jeans in a more appropriate fashion.


From fringe boots to vests to skirts to jackets, fringe is a necessity when attending Coachella. To make this look your own, try out a simple t-shirt with a fringe trim on the bottom—found at your nearest Forever 21 or Zara—and you will have effortlessly incorporated a Coachella staple into your wardrobe.  

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