Rebels Swimming Tame Weymouth Wildcats

The Rebels Swimming Team had a meet against the Weymouth Wildcats Tuesday September 29 at the Blue Hills Regional High School in Canton.  Weymouth showed up in Canton with the desire to win, but Walpole wasn’t ready to give up their undefeated season just yet.  The 200 yard Medley Relay was the first event, and the Rebels relay made up of sophomores Becky Idman, Sam Pomer, and Jenna Harrop along with freshman Kristen O’Leary placed first.  Junior Captain Meaghan Smith, freshman Erin Myers, sophomore Christine Drogan, and senior Captain Courtney Shea placed second.   The 200 freestyle was next. Jenna Harrop finished first with a “Michael Phelps finish” according to Head Coach Cheryl Cavanaugh.  Harrop out-touched Mary-Kate Cane from Weymouth by less than a second.  Senior Captain Courtney Pomer came in third, while freshman Krissy Jankowski came in fourth.  The Rebels went one, two, three in the 200 yard Individual Medley.  Sam Pomer placed first, Emily Muller placed second, and Christine Drogan placed third. The last event before the diving break was the 50 yard freestyle.  Becky Idman placed first, while Meg Smith and Kristen O’Leary placed second and fourth.

By the beginning of the second half of the meet, Rebels were ahead of Weymouth 61-14.  The 100 yard butterfly was the next event, and Jenna Harrop was up against Mary-Kate Cane for the second time.  She beat her out by less than a second again, gaining the Rebels another first place.  Erin Myers placed third and Kristen O’Leary placed fourth.  The Rebels kept up their winning streak through the 100 freestyle and the 500 freestlye with first places from Sam Pomer and Emily Muller.  Scoring stopped before the 200 freestyle relay when Weymouth had no chance of coming back and beating the Rebels.  The relay also put an end to the Rebels first place streak when a relay made up of Krissy Jankowski, Kristen O’Leary, Courtney Pomer, and Courtney Shea placed second behind Weymouth.  The Rebels redeemed themselves in the 100 breaststroke and the 100 backstroke when both Becky Idman and Erin Myers placed first.  The last event was the 400 freestyle relay when again, the Rebels placed first, second, and third.  The meet ended with the Rebels winning 97-76.  The Weymouth Wildcats were, once again, forced to eat the Rebels’ bubbles.  When asked about the team’s performance at the meet, Coach Cheryl Cavanaugh said that despite the lack of nerve-racking competition, “[The Rebel swimmers]  all swam like they’re ready for Championships!”

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