Author: Andrea Traietti

COLUMNS, Opinion

Students and Administration Should Work Together to Adjust to P.E. Curriculum Change

By Andrea Traietti and Michaela Donato Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer      Walpole Public Schools administrators and School Committee members are currently working to change Walpole High’s curriculum and daily class schedule. Specifically, there is one major change surrounding the Physical Education curriculum: future WHS students will be required to take […]

COLUMNS, Opinion

“I Have Cheated”

By Andrea Traietti  and Christian Carr-Locke Lead Writer and Staff Writer The Rebellion sent a poll about cheating and academic integrity to the Walpole High School student population. The survey closed with 297 respondents (25 percent of total school population); the statistical analysis provided in this article reflects information established […]

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Concussed: Walpole’s Youth Starts Exploring Ways to Avoid Head Injuries in the Future by Joining the New Flag Football League

Football is undoubtedly one of America’s favorite sports. In fact, football is ingrained within American culture and tradition, and its impact reaches beyond athletics. The football quarterback is always the quintessence of manliness and athleticism in movies; fathers eagerly teach their young sons to throw a football in the backyard; […]