Author: Caroline Cohn


Union Concessions Reduce Budget Deficit

   Teachers voted on Friday, March 19 for several union concessions that will save the schools $700,000, thereby closing the budget gap from the projected $2.1 million to $1.4 million.  78% of the teachers in the Walpole Teachers Association (WTA) voted in favor of these compromises, which consist of wage […]


Walpole Police Practice Emergency Situations in WHS

On a Sunday in late October, armed Walpole Police Department officers scoured Walpole High School’s halls, searching systematically in diamond-formation for an intruder. The intruder, however, was a training officer, and the arms were paint-ball gun replicas of the Walpole police officers’ traditional semi-automatics. These sessions were designed to teach the Walpole […]


New elective requirements still hurt students

The current graduation requirements, which have been deemed inadequate, have been reviewed by a committee seeking to mend former problems as well as improve the school’s standards for graduation.  The committee’s proposal for elective requirements, however, seems as though it will only exacerbate past problems and further restrict students’ course […]