Author: Kathryn Russo


Rebellion Wins Prestigious Awards

      The Walpole High School journalism program consists of two classes, one Journalism I class and one Journalism II and III class, work together to disseminate news throughout the school. Reporting on minor school events to major phenomena that take place across the world students from both classes come together […]


Imbusch Initiates Change in School

After eight years as assistant principal, after a rigorous selection process last year, Stephen Imbusch is in his first full year as principal of Walpole High School. One might assume that Principal Imbusch would ease into the position by not making significant changes to the high school. This assumption, however, […]


Best Walpole High News Stories of 2010

By Brigette Lawton and Kathryn Russo Class of 2011 New Schedules Include Professional Learning Community Time for Teachers Walpole High School recently included a new learning block in the schedule- one just for teachers known as Professional Learning Communities (PLC). The PLCs, a major schedule change, have been held every […]


Fall Pep Rally Promotes Spirit

Photos: Tim Markatos and Mr. Michael Alan [nggallery id=8] The atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation as students filed into the stands opposite the turf for Walpole High School’s annual pep rally. Along with the sunshine and the brisk air the autumn trees created a myriad of colors- red, yellow, […]


Cross Country Teams Score Big

The fourth meet of the season opened up with another rainy, cold start. Like every other meet the boys lined up, started, ran, and finished, but what happened during the race was the most surprising part. As soon as the Walpole Boys Cross Country Team heard Mr. Erker yell, “Ready, set, go!” they were […]