Author: Sam Obar


Unfunded Mandates Hurt Walpole Schools

As the national debt continues to soar and policymakers in both Massachusetts and in Washington argue over how to cut government spending, school districts like Walpole are being left in the lurch by continued cuts in state and federal funding.  But unlike most other municipal departments covered by the town […]

George Watson

Watson takes well-deserved retirement

After almost 4 decades in the classroom, beloved Walpole High School Foreign Language Department Head George Watson will be retiring after the end of this year.  He leaves behind an indelible legacy and is widely credited with leading the Walpole High Foreign Language Department to excellence during his years at […]


Math Team Excels this Season

While legendary programs like the Robotics Club, Film Festival, and Drama Club often make more headlines, the Walpole High School Math Team has positioned itself this year as one of the most successful extracurricular activities Walpole High School has running.  On the verge of going to the playoffs for the […]


Chemical health policy needs change

With a new principal and administration team now in place, now is the time for school leaders to implement a change in the school’s Chemical Health Policy, one of the most stringent in the MIAA.  Walpole’s broad policy unfairly punishes students who happen to have the misfortune of being in […]