Gallery: Theatre Club Performs First Fall Musical: Cinderella

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Gallery: Theatre Club Performs First Fall Musical: Cinderella

Emily Smith

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Stepsister Joy (Francesca Theofilou) dancing with the prince (Colin Wilber)

Cinderella (Allie Millette) and Fairy Godmother (Hayley Wigren)

Cinderella (Allie Millette) singing

Cassandra Stelmash, Kaya Robins and Samantha Simons dance at the ball

The prince (Colin Wilber) discovers the glass slipper

Full cast, crew, pit band and directors

Cinderella (Allie Millette) sings as stepmother (Ava Straccia) and stepsisters Joy (Francesa Theofilou) and Portia (Gina Destito) watch

Stepmother (Ava Straccia) performs on stage

The prince (Colin Wilber) sings after the ball

Myah Shelton tries on the glass slipper

Cinderella (Allie Millette) and prince (Colin WIlber) kiss during their wedding scene

The queen (Maggie Wall) consults the chef (Kaya Robins) and steward (Liam Welch)

Stepmother (Ava Straccia) performs alongside stepsister Portia (Gina Destito)    

Photo/ Emily Smith

Liam Welch and Emily Tomasetti dance at the ball

Aislyn O’Connell dances

Stepsisters Portia (Gina Destito) and Joy (Francesca Theofilou) dance together

Cinderella and the prince (Allie Millette and Colin Wilber) stand side-by-side

Cinderella (Allie Millette) and prince (Colin Wilber) begin to dance together

Photo/ Emily Smith

The prince (Colin Wilber)

Photos/ Emily Smith and Samantha Simons