Netflix Introduces Influx of Quality Shows, Originals and Movies This Month

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Netflix Introduces Influx of Quality Shows, Originals and Movies This Month

Emily Butler

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Any and all Netflix addicts scouring for their next fix, have no fear! Netflix has welcomed an abundance of new shows, originals and fresh seasons of already loved shows sure to satisfy all binge-watchers.




Viewers who enjoy a dark or attention-grabbing series will be rapt within the first episode of new Canadian science fiction drama series “Between.” In the town of Pretty Lake a mysterious disease is killing off  citizens 22 years and older and the show centers around the younger population’s frantic efforts to find a way out of town. Jennette McCurdy, star of Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.” plays the pregnant teen daughter of a Pastor who is forced into a government quarantine despite wanting to flee town.



Netflix has finally added its much anticipated series “Girlboss,”  based off  the novel of the same name which follows the life story of Nasty Gal fashion brand owner Sophia Amoruso. The series focuses heavily on Sophia’s struggles with being the founder of the brand Nasty Gal and her experiences creating a startup business. So far the series has one season complete with thirteen episodes and stars lead actress Britt Robertson. Fans of  “The Carrie Diaries,” and “Gossip Girl” will inevitably fall in love with the new show.  


Bill Nye Saves the World

Just when you thought that Bill Nye’s legacy didn’t expand past the walls of your elementary school classroom the acclaimed scientist has now made a comeback on Netflix. With one season and thirteen episodes Nye covers a large range of topics spanning from politics, society and pop culture. Bill’s reconstructed show still features his signature quirky humor while offering a diverse range of topics and guest appearances.




13 Reasons Why


Sandy Wexler

The Crown



Trailer Park Boys

Grace and Frankie

The Get Down

Chewing Gum




Life in Pieces

Absolutely Fabulous

Last Man Standing




Cool Runnings

Trouble with the Curve

Secret Life of Pets