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Meet Rebel: WPS’ New Service Dog

A recent poll from the National Institute of Mental Health states that 25.1% of teenagers have some form of anxiety. From worrying about grades and upcoming due dates to finding the perfect balance between work, sports and school, stress is common theme in the average student’s lifestyle. But there are […]


JV Rebs Tame the ‘Stangs

A showdown between two age-old rivals turned out to be a great weekend for Rebel football fans.  The freshmen won 18 -7 , the varsity won 32-14 , and now it was the JV’s turn to wrap up the weekend with a sweep of Walpole’s biggest rival – Norwood.  On Monday, […]


Hard Hit to Rebel Softball

  The first playoff game against Franklin was a successful one for the Rebels Softball Team.  At Bird Middle School on May 28, the Rebels performed with  confidence  and pride.   Walpole got off to a bad start in the top of the first inning by letting in two runs by […]


The Rebel

America was founded by revolutionaries. Ever since the American Revolution the US has had the reputation of fighting for what it believes in and standing up against tyranny. This idea has become synonymous with the American spirit and this is the theme that Walpole High School’s Rebel mascot embodies, not […]