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Review: Box Office Hit “Hidden figures” Brings Light to Forgotten Piece of Nasa’s History

Based off Margot Lee Shetterly’s  novel of the same name, “Hidden Figures,” directed by Theodore Melfi,  recognizes three brilliant African American women for their immense contributions to John Glenn’s 1961 orbit around the Earth.  The film broadcasts the story that textbooks neglected to tell, to bring the vast accomplishments of […]


Review: Illumination and Universal’s Hybrid Animation “Sing” Dazzles Audiences Of All Ages

Illumination, the company responsible for animation favorites like “Secret Life of Pets” and “Despicable Me,” has struck cartoon magic once again with their Universal collaboration  “Sing,” a vibrant musical. The family friendly animation could not have been released at a more opportune moment, as Disney’s hit ”Moana“ is venturing out […]


Helpful Habits for a Better Morning

This year, Principal Stephen Imbusch moved the start time of high school back fifteen minutes; however, students still find mornings to be really challenging. As students who stay up late completing homework and meeting deadlines, we here at The Rebellion understand this morning struggle and have created a list of […]