Journalizer of the Month

Editors in chief, Andrea Traitti and Emily Martin, chose a Journalizer of the month for the first class of each month. They pick an individual who has exhibited hard work in all of the following categories: thoroughness, accuracy, balance, collaboration, grit, productivity, and technological prowess.

December 2016

Maeve O’Connor

Our December Journalizer of the Month is someone who consistently does her best work. She puts in time in school and out of school to produce the best content that she can. She manages her section efficiently and always helps others when they have questions or need advice. She is one of the most organized, hard-working, and positive members of The Rebellion staff. Our December Journalizer of the Month is Maeve O’Connor!

November 2016


Katie Mazzotta

Our November Journalizard of the month is an individual who consistently devotes time to the paper during school and after school. She is proactive and brings a positive attitude and good work ethic to our staff. She always works diligently to make sure layout is complete, but many times she goes beyond her content area to help edit articles after they have been placed. And she brings great snacks after school. The November Journalizer of the Month is Katie Mazzotta!

October 2016


Meghan Foley and Grace Sewell

Two individuals worked hard in October to make improvements to our paper even before we had a deadline for the November issue. They are always putting in work in class, and they effectively communicate with both the J2/J3 class and the J1 class. They worked on the layout of several pages in our paper and they helped to make sure we had ads to fill all of these pages. They are always organized and on-task, and without them we certainly would not have a successful paper. Also, they are the most kind and amazing individuals on staff and we love them a lot! Our October Journalizers of the month are Meg Foley and Grace Sewell!

September 2016


Lillie Hunter

For the September Journalizer of the Month, we want to recognize a J2 who has already proven herself to be a valuable Rebellion staff member. Especially in the last few weeks, this individual has taken the initiative to improve her productivity and take on greater responsibility within and out of her content area. Her work ethic in school and out of school was impressive, as was the quality of her work and her ability to stay on task.  Her positive attitude (combined with her hard work and dedication) was a huge help in getting our October issue out. The October Journalizer of the Month goes to Lillie Hunter!