2018 Walpole Recreation Basketball Preseason Power Rankings

As January arrives, so does Walpole Recreation basketball. Tryouts and evaluations have passed and the teams have been made. The following are the Preseason Power Rankings for this year’s teams.

  1. Mavericks: The Mavericks are led by a strong senior trio of Jack Casey, Henry Dundon and Michael Kagy. Casey takes his talents to the paint while Dundon and Kagy are highly rated options from mid-to long-range shots. Along with all their talents, this trio brings a tall presence, with a hefty 6’3 Dundon.
  2. Knicks: With another senior trio of Riley Banks, Diego Dorronsoro and Sean McCarthy, the Knicks will for sure be giving the Mavericks competition. With Banks’ handles and Dorronsoro’s persistent outside shooting, they combine with McCarthy’s all around talents as an intimidating team.
  3. Wizards: Between a versatile group of underclassman in juniors Aidan Murray, Greg O’Connell and Matt Schultz’s talents and a senior contingent that includes Matt Conti’s height and Zach Shultz’s speed, the Wizards with strong chemistry should be confident in their hopes for a deep playoff run.
  4. Warriors: With zero senior leadership, the large junior foundation of the Warriors shouldn’t be underestimated with bigmen Ryan Bingham and Brandon Spitz under the hoop and three point specialists Chris Merrikin and Ben Scannell around the arc.
  5. Lakers: Led by veteran senior Kevin Sullivan’s offense along with outside shooting from senior Alex Hughes, the Lakers bring the height along with the points.
  6. Heat: With seniors Billy Killeen, a pass-first guard, and football captain Kyle Smith’s dominant post game, the Heat look to prove themselves on both sides of the floor.
  7. Nets: Behind senior Danny O’Leary’s defensive strength along with the height of juniors James Ofgant and Brendan Moser, the Nets under the guidance of veteran coach Brendan Croak should be able to give their opponents trouble.
  8. Magic: The Magic will mainly rely on the creative juniors of Victor and Alex Troncoso, both offensive standouts that will look to carry the Magic all the way.
  9. Spurs: Senior Matt Mulroy’s large build along with senior Matt Mealy’s three point confidence, the two Matts and the rest of the Spurs’ season could go either way.
  10. 76ers: With the only senior presence in Max Whitestone in addition to junior Frank Famiglietti’s defensive leadership,the 76ers look to have a strong underdog presence.  
  11. Sonics: Another team with no seniors, the Sonics will have to rely on the height and strength of juniors Joe Lynch and Dennis Crowley who can make driving the paint a struggle for the opposition.
  12. Rockets: Entering the season, the Rockets don’t have much to look forward to with no seniors, but in juniors Charles Sacromona and Tom Russo, one thing they have is height.
  13. Nuggets: With junior Elijah Matthew in the main focus as a respectable three point shooter, the Nuggets can’t drop much lower in this year’s Power Rankings, so they will be looking to prove doubters wrong.
  14. Celtics: Ranked at number 14, with no senior focus and only few juniors, the Celtics can only get better.

First games of the season will be held on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018.

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