Walpole Volleyball Loses Rematch to King Philip

Earlier in the season on Sept.6, the Rebels swept King Philip 3-0. On Oct.12, the result was different. Walpole Volleyball was defeated by King Philip 0-3  to make their record 11-4. 

“The loss was a wake-up call for our team since we will face that level of competition in tournament,” junior Captain Abby Rae said.

In the first set, the Rebels came back from being down 8-15 to 21-15 after a significant block from juniors Abby Rae and Sawyer King. This lead however, didn’t last as King Philip slowly gained a 23-22 lead and notched their winning point off a failed block from the Walpole rebels.

“After we lost in the first set, we lost all of our motivation,” junior Sawyer King said

In the second set neither team took a significant lead, and King Philip won the second set off a spike from one of their outside players making the score 22-25. Senior Meghan Koenig earned a critical two points in the set off a spike tying the score 19-19 and off of a well placed tip in the front, gaining a 20-19 lead.

To secure a stronger tournament seed, the Rebels are trying to improve their record as much as possible. With the loss though, the Rebels recognized they still have a lot to build on before the postseason.  

“We competed well only losing by 7 points total. King Philip were very strong and challenged us. Although we didn’t beat them, the team learned a lot about what we need to improve to be ready to face better competition in a few weeks,” said junior setter Mackenzie Rae.

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