The Pros Of Flying Solo To Prom

The Pros of Flying Solo to Prom


Within the months leading up to prom, commonly referred to as “promposal” season, high school students scramble to find dates, whether it be searching or waiting for someone to ask. If you find yourself to be one of these people without a date, step back and let the Rebellion guide you through the pros of going to Prom—yes, you’re about to read this correctly—without a date.


#1) Avoid awkward conversation

Going to prom with someone you aren’t super comfortable with can be, well, uncomfortable! Avoid awkward small talk and swap out random chatter about your math teacher for a full-fledged prom table conversation with your friends.


#2) Prom prep with your friends

Who doesn’t love taking mirror selfies or doing makeovers? Get your friend group together and spend the few hours before prom getting ready together. Put on your favorite jams, break out your polaroid cameras, and go at it!


#3) Freedom on the dance floor

Going to prom with a date, especially someone you don’t know too well, can be really nerve wracking. Instead of feeling insecure on the dance floor, hit up prom with a group of friends and break out whatever semi-embarrassing dance moves you want!


#4) No obligations before, during, or after prom

So your date wants you to go to his friends house for pictures, but the rest of your friends are going to the park. And oh, during prom you want him to sit with your friends, but his crew is at a different table. What about deciding which beach house to go to after prom—after all you can’t be in the Cape and Maine at the same time! Avoid these conflicts by heading to the big night with your friends and having no obligations to stick around with your date before, during, or after prom!


Someday, you’ll look back on your high school experience, and inevitably pictures from prom night will pop up in your facebook memories or slip out of your high school yearbook. Even if you don’t have the typical boy-and-girl picture in front of the WHS Prom backdrop, the long-lasting memories you made with your friends that night will always be there to reminisce on, and that’s what really matters.


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