SheBreathes Displays Student Artwork

The SheBreathes Balance and Wellness Studio, located on West Street, is holding an exhibit geared toward empowering women. The studio also offers various classes—such as yoga, spiritual mediumship, and writing workshops— in order to promote a healthy mind and body. The art exhibit will be displaying the artwork of Walpole High School females from February 28 until April 1.

Allison Pace, an art teacher at the high school, selected the artwork of ten female students in her Printmaking class to be featured at the SheBreathes exhibition: Lucy Gielow, Tianna Gonser, Allison Heiberger, Amanda Janowicz, Ashley Kuropatkin, Kendra Niziak, Ava Straccia, Madison Weber, Jacqueline Welch, and Alexis Winston.

“I decided to include pieces from a project we did in my Printmaking classes,” said Pace. “I felt that this particular project, which incorporates text from a blackout poetry exercise, relates to the mission of SheBreathes Studio.”

Junior Amanda Janowicz, one of the students whose artwork was selected, was inspired by a poem that centered around women’s empowerment and incorporated it into her piece.

“I took the words ‘she moved’ from my poem and incorporated them into my artwork,” said Janowicz. “I am so excited that my work will be on display at the SheBreathes studio.”

Jennifer Gulbrand, the founder of SheBreathes, believes that every woman has her own strength, and she is committed to guide women to find this inner strength as well as a balance in life.

“We empower women by offering the venue as a place of opportunity for sisterhood and support,” said Beth Knaus, an independent art consultant and freelance writing instructor at SheBreathes.

“At SheBreathes, we’re tapping into our feminine energy to encourage ourselves and other women to ‘learn to receive’—put themselves back on the list with permission to nurture themselves, find their center, accept goodness and possibility into their lives, and encourage other women to do the same.”

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