Walpole Rec. Power Rankings: Third Edition

In this third edition of the 2017 Walpole Rec. Basketball Power Rankings, there is a new team on top of the rankings as well as many changes going both directions on the list.

  1. Rockets 6-1 (↑3): The Rockets are the new number one team in this week’s rankings. Led by senior David Moser, they won both of their games this weekend against the Nuggets and former one seed, the Wizards. At the beginning of the year this team was not expected to be this good, but they are proving people wrong week in and week out.
  1. Wizards 5-2 (↓1): Falling off the one spot this week, the Wizards lost both of their games this weekend. Unfortunately for them, the team’s leading scorer, senior Devin Moore, was not present for either game.
  1. Magic 5-2 (↑4): The Magic are big risers this week as their senior big man Jake Guidone absolutely dominated the glass over the weekend leading his team to two solid victories. Senior Jake Christy also came to play over the weekend feeding Guidone in the post as well as knocking down a few threes in the process.
  1. Spurs 5-2 (↑1): Over the weekend the Spurs collected two wins, beating the Nets and Mavericks. A few clutch buckets by senior guard Mark Nicholson in the closing moments against the Mavs along with fellow senior Jack Garr’s defensive efforts were enough to propel the team to a statement win.
  1. Celtics 5-2 (↓2): The Celtics fell a few spots this week ,yet still this team has the potential to climb in the rankings in the coming weeks if they keep playing at a high level. Their size in the post and senior Vasili Boustris’  ability to catch fire at any time will be dangerous for any team in this league.
  1. 76ers 4-3 (-): After defeating the Mavericks this weekend the 76ers looked to be in a position to move up in the rankings. However on Sunday they ran into the red hot Magic which is why they hold steady at the number six spot. But with the amount of senior leadership this team has including David White, Zach Conrad and Billy Lanchester, they have the ability to flip the switch at anytime and play their best basketball yet.
  1. Mavericks 4-3 (↓5): It was a rough weekend for the Mavericks as they lost both of their games to the 76ers and the Spurs. However Junior Brett Lavanchy has proven to be a force on the offensive end for this team as he consistently drives to rim converting difficult layups as well as countless and-ones.
  2. Knicks 3-4 (-): The Knicks are another team that has not moved in position this week. Senior Ryan Gray is putting on a show offensively every time he steps on the floor. Defeating the Wizards this past weekend has to be a huge moral boost for the Knicks as they are considered a top team in the league.
  1. Nuggets 2-5 (-): The Nuggets have not shown anything to adjust their current ranking. They earned one win against the Sonics over the weekend which shows some promise for the future. Attendance is the real issue for this Nuggets team as they have been notorious for not having enough players show up to participate in the games. Seniors Jake Mello and Myles Kraus have to begin setting an example of the importance of showing.
  1. Lakers 1-6 (↑1): After defeating the Knicks this weekend the Lakers have climbed a spot in the rankings. Senior Coleman Lydon has emerged as a consistent offensive threat that teams must make sure to guard.
  1. Sonics 1-6 (↑1): The Sonics got their first win of the season over the Nets this weekend — enough to move up one spot in the rankings.

   12. Nets 1-6 (↓2): After taking back to back losses this weekend, the Nets are now sitting at the bottom of the                       rankings.

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