Girls Hockey Defeats Wellesley for First Time since 2012


Written by: Hope Jordan, Molly O’Connell and Tanya Gupta

Photography by: Hope Jordan, Molly O’Connell and Tanya Gupta

For the first time in four years, Walpole Girls Hockey defeated Wellesley 3-2 at Rodman Arena to improve their record to 2-0-1 on Dec. 21. After being down 2-1 against Wellesley in the second period, Walpole scored two goals in the third period to get their second win.

Freshman Catherine Martin scored the game winner to bump up the score to 3-2 Walpole with 44.5 seconds left in the game and the game even at 2-2. Junior Amanda Janowitz assisted the goal to Martin in the final seconds of the game.

“It was a great game in the third period and that big goal at the end was great,” said sophomore Olivia Malone.

With eight minutes left in the third period and being down 2-1, sophomore Meghan Hamilton evened the score 2-2 with a goal assisted by senior captain Cameron Johnson.

Cameron Johnson said, “It was nice for us to get another goal up. It really caught Wellesley off guard and then we were really able to take it to them to finish the game.”

To start off the scoring in the first period, freshman Sophia Pacella from Walpole scored the first goal of the game to give Walpole a 1-0 early lead.

“I was really proud that I could contribute to the team,” said Sophia Pacella.

The team’s record is now 2-0-1, and the team is preparing for their next game against Norwood.

Walpole’s head coach, Joe Verderber said, “It was a great win for us. The girls hung tough the whole time, and the outcome is all that matters.”

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