The Walpole High School Dance Company performed their annual show on Thursday, March 27 and Friday, March 28 in the WHS auditorium. This year’s production, “Contrary to Popular Belief,” was directed by Richard Kim and Maura Lia. The 2013-2014 Dance Company was 35 members and has successfully finished their ninth year of shows. The performance, which was sold out on Friday night, consisted of ten dance numbers set to musical selections ranging in various musical styles. (Photos/ Max Simons)

"Contrary to Popular Belief," March 27-28, 2014 (Gallery 2)

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Max Simons is the current Editor-in-Chief of The Rebellion, and is a three year member of the Rebellion staff. A senior at Walpole High, Max was the Photo Editor during the 2014-2015 school year, as well as a major contributor to the redesign of the Rebellion and advancement of the staff. Max is also a member of Drama Club, and is a Director in the Walpole High School Film Festival. He plans to study Communication next year at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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