HollyWord: They Put A Ring On It!







 KARDASHIAN AND KANYE WEST– On the night of October 21(Kim Kardashian’s birthday), Kanye West, rented out a baseball stadium in San Francisco and popped the question with a 15-carat diamond ring. Okay, yes, Kris Humphries, gave her a 20-carat diamond ring, but sources have said that this one is even more flawless!  This marriage is definitely a step up from her previous marriage with Kris Humphries, which ended on a bad note.  But, clearly Kim’s moved on and her and Kanye are going strong. Call it a hunch, but it seems like this marriage will last longer than her last one!

A picture of LC's engagement ring.

LAUREN CONRAD AND WILLIAM TELL- If you don’t know who Lauren Conrad is, you obviously weren’t a loyal “Laguna Beach” or “The Hills” viewer.  Yes, “The Hills” fans are most likely heartbroken that she never ended up with Brody, but her new fiance, William, is pretty hot, too!  William is a USC law student, and could you actually see Lauren Conrad blending in with the Jenner/Kardashian family?  No.  What else should we know about her new beau? He’s a music man, and Lauren’s friends support the relationship 100%.  On October 13, Lauren Conrad shared the exciting news on her personal blog, along with a picture of her beautiful ring!  So happy for you, LC!






KELLY CLARKSON AND BRANDON BLACKSTOCK-  I bet you’re asking yourself now: who is Brandon Blackstock?  Well, he’s the son of Kelly Clarkson’s manager, Narvel Blackstock.  She said, “It was love at first site and I didn’t know he was [my manager’s son], which was kinda weird.”  Brandon is a pilot, who helped design the yellow canary diamond ring with diamonds around it!  Kelly Clarkson got engaged on December 16th, and officially tied the knot on October 20th.  So, what happens if they ever divorce?  We aren’t predicting anything, but Kelly will definitely have to find a new manager!  Ha, just kidding.

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