Girls Tennis Finally Hires New Coach

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The upcoming season is sure to be an interesting one for the Walpole Girls Tennis team. With most teams already having team meetings and try-outs coming soon, girls’ tennis has fallen behind big time. Previous coach, Bill Powers, has stepped down as coach, and a temporary replacement was found very late in the interviewing process in the form of gym teacher Quinn Geary. Geary, who has not coached a team in his tenure at Walpole High, will be assisted when possible by Vice Principal Ed Connor. After a couple of meetings and the players’ not knowing if they were going to have a team, never mind a coach, the two men stepped up to fill the void left by Powers until a real coach was found. On Monday, April 1, a new, permanent coach was hired.

Yet to have a team meeting or any contact with  previous members of the team, it was interesting to see what comes for the group of girls hoping to continue to play or join the team this year. Junior Hannah Miller was chosen as captain by Coach Powers at the end of the season last year. There has been talk of choosing a senior captain as well, but Tompkins said all decisions will be made by the new coach, which has just been named.

Once the coaching situation is smoothed out, the team hopes to build a strong lineup for this season. Last season was a tough one for Girls Tennis who had a disappointing record with very few wins; this year, they lost their first and second singles players and it is now Miller to step up into those positions. There was a lot of confusion with the ladder last season, and there is hope for more suitably matched doubles teams and a better organized system for varsity and junior varsity.

There is hope that girls tennis can overcome this tumultuous start to the season to produce a season that improves upon last year’s dismal record, but it takes a coach to lead a team to that kind of inspired season, this new coach has to take over very late into the season compared to other teams. The intrigue is high this year, and girls tennis can only hope to turn this soap opera type situation into a storybook ending.


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