Cure for Healthcare Debate is Universal System

Almost everyone can agree that the United States health care system is not working very well. The health care debate has been in the news for months but what is it about? Well, right now nearly 50 million Americans do not have health insurance, and over 18,000 Americans will die this year simply because they are uninsured. Obama has created a plan to reform the system, but it is not enough. What this country needs is universal health care, Obama’s plan is just a bandaid on the problem, but universal health care is the cure. His reform efforts are good intentioned but amount to just a lazy attempt to bring the United States towards a government run health care system. His efforts are stunted by his bipartisanship and his willingness to appease the right, which is making his plan less like a universal healthcare system and more like minor reforms on the current system.


The Rebel

America was founded by revolutionaries. Ever since the American Revolution the US has had the reputation of fighting for what it believes in and standing up against tyranny. This idea has become synonymous with the American spirit and this is the theme that Walpole High School’s Rebel mascot embodies, not […]

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“FLAN” excites in its exploration of foreign languages and cultures

This year’s Foreign Language Awards Night, held May 20, was quite a success, featuring numerous cultural performances and recognition for Walpole High’s talented language students. Mandarin, German, Latin, French, and Spanish students were rewarded for both their performance in the classroom and on the national language exams. Julio Valdez opened […]